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Fan activity | Join a journey of extreme sports in Guangzhou

2020-October-26       Source: Newsgd.com

Do you feel like taking a thrilling adventure to release the workday pressure without traveling too far? Here is a wonderful chance for you to try something new.

Do you feel like taking a thrilling adventure to release the workday pressure without traveling too far? Here is a wonderful chance for you to try something new.

(Photo: Baiyun Mountain)

The 1500-meter-long Baiyun Zipline linking Moxing Ridge, the highest point of Baiyun Mountain and Huangpodong Reservoir, is the longest zipline in China. It takes about 1 hour for you to trek from Moxing Ridge to Huangpodong Reservoir. However, it only takes 2 minutes to pass via the zipline, with a maximum speed of more than 90 kilometers per hour and a height drop of over 200 meters.

(Photo: Baiyun Mountain)

If you like extreme sports, you must come to Baiyun Mountain to experience the Baiyun Zipline, which is more exciting than a pirate ship, more thrilling than a roller coaster, and more pleasing than bungee jumping.

(Photo: Baiyun Mountain)

Baiyun Zipline has 6 cableways, which can enable families and friends to embark the adventure at the same time. At the terminal point, there is a special celebration to let the bravest among us drink together and share the joy of victory in challenging ourselves. Limited seats, first come first served.

(Photo: Baiyun Mountain)

(Photo: Baiyun Mountain)

Fan activity: experience Baiyun zipline

Date: October 31, 2020 (Saturday)

Place: Baiyun Mountain

Add.: No. 801 Guangyuan Zhong Road, Baiyun Distrct, Guangzhou

Nearest bus stop: Yuntai Garden (云台花园) or Baiyun Cableway (白云索道)

Fee: CNY156 per person (*Sign up for more than 5 person: 5% discount)

Note: The normal entrance price of Baiyun Zipline including cable car is CNY313. This is a special offer for our fans.


● 08:30-09:00 Meet at the South Gate of Baiyun Mountain

● 09:00-09:30 Take cable car to the Peak Park

● 09:30-10:00 Walk to the starting point of Baiyun Zipline with English-speaking guide

● 10: 00-10:30 Introduce Baiyun Zipline, dos and don'ts, and take group photos after visitors don safety equipment

● 10: 30-11:00 Experience Baiyun Zipline

● 11: 00-11:15 Celebration ceremony at the terminal point of Baiyun Zipline

● 11: 15-11:30 Issue certificates for the brave & take group photos

● 11:00 Walk down the mountain accompanied by our English-speaking guide or visit Baiyun Mountain freely

Service included:

1. Baiyun Zipline ticket with insurance

2. Baiyun Mountain cable car ticket (one way)

3. Celebration ceremony

4. Certificate for the brave

5. English-speaking guide service

6. Souvenirs of Thumb Holiday

Service not included:

1. Transportation to Baiyun Mountain

Safety MUSTS:

1. People under the age of 12 or over the age of 60 are not allowed to attend.

2. People under 40kg or over 90kg are not allowed to attend.

3. People under 1.4m or over 1.85m high are not allowed to attend.

4. Intemperate, cosmetic surgery patients, and people during pregnancy, lactation are not allowed to attend.

5. People with acrophobia, vertigo, hyper presbyopia, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis or other cerebral disease, neurogenic disease, heart disease or having received surgery for heart disease are not allowed to attend.

6. Any other health condition not suitable for the activity.

How to sign up

To book this tour or get a customized plan within 24 hours, please scan the below QR CODE.

To guarantee the safety of all participants, we strongly recommend visitors to wear a mask during the commute. In addition, all participants will be required to show their Suikang code, which can be obtained by scanning the code below. Participants with the red code cannot join the trip.

About Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain is one of the famous mountains in southern Guangdong and has been known as “the first view of Guangzhou” since ancient times.

Biayun means white clouds. The mountain is vast and consists of more than 30 peaks, belonging to a branch range of the Jiulian Mountain, the highest mountain in Guangdong. It covers an area of 20.98 square kilometers, and the main peak, Moxing Ridge, is 382 meters high.

Baiyun Mountain boasts three most famous scenic spots in China: Yuntai Garden, the largest landscape garden in China; Mingchun Valley, the largest ‘natural birdcage’ in China; and the Sculpture Park, the largest theme sculpture park in China.

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

The forest coverage of Baiyun Mountain has reached more than 95%, and that’s why it is known as “the Lung of Guangzhou” and loved by both locals and visitors alike. After the zipline experience activity, visitors can hang around at Baiyun Mountain and climb on the Moxing Ridge to appreciate the charming scenery of Guangzhou and enjoy the greenness and fresh air.


Author | Hannah

Editor | Monica, Jerry

Editor: Hannah

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