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Max Raven:Nansha, an external window to China’s technology

2020-November-24       Source: Newsgd.com

On November 17, CNBC, the world's largest business and financial news network, opened the 2020 CNBC East Tech West at the LN Garden Nansha. During the event, Max Raven, Senior Vice President of CNBC, had an interview with Newsgd.com and praised the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as a great brand.



On November 17, CNBC, the world's largest business and financial news network, opened the 2020 CNBC East Tech West at the LN Garden Nansha. During the event, Max Raven, Senior Vice President of CNBC,?had an interview with?Newsgd.com and praised?the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as?a great brand. He also considered Nansha, the geographic center of the Greater Bay Area, is the region?to?convey Chinese technology stories to the world.

Q: East Tech West has been held in Nansha for the third time. Is there any difference between this year and before?

A: The most exciting thing is that we're here. We are here telling the story about China and technology story to the world in a year like this. It is exceptional. Obviously, I'm very proud of a number of the folks we are interviewing, very exciting. And it's the power of CNBC that allows us to have such exciting interviews.

Q: Why do you hold such an important global event in Nansha?

A: A few years ago, we started looking at where CNBC audience were turning. One of the most exciting areas for them to look at every month was the China story and the technology story. Always, in the top 5 stories online is a Chinese story or technology story. So, we worked out to cover more of these stories internationally and found that there's no better place than the geographical center of Greater Bay Area, Nansha. So, when we got the opportunity to partner with Nansha or the other companies in the region. We were very excited because it's the perfect location to tell the story of the global China technology stories.

Q: What changes has Nansha experienced in recent years?

A: I've been coming to Nansha now for a few years. When we first came here it looked a bit different. There are more buildings and companies now. As we look forward, clearly there are big plans for this. This is the center of the greater bay area and CNBC looks forward to being part of at with ETW in Nansha.

Q: What do you think will help Nansha's technological development?

A: CNBC is a fantastic platform for Nansha on companies in the area to tell the story globally. We talk to the world's investors, leaders, decision makers every day and those people are looking for opportunities to invest. At CNBC, we often say “all things money”, that’s what we are talking about to the audiences. The Chinese story and the technology story is, obviously, a very exciting financial story. So of course, it brings benefit to business and the public.?

Photo provided to Newsgd

Q;What do you think is the difference between the Greater Bay Area and other bay areas in the world?

A:I think the Greater Bay Area project has been a very powerful way of telling that story to the world. The brand of the greater bay area is really strong. And also, that bringing together these three places essentially makes it even more powerful. I live in London and spend a lot of time in New York. And there's lots of places which say they have a bay area. They're all very different. But I think the energy of the exciting companies based here are different from some of those other barriers, what will be what makes it very successful.

Q: How did you feel when you came to Guangzhou?

A: I’ve been coming to Guangzhou for a number of years. it's a very exciting city with a lot of history and I think it's a hugely important city as a key part of the Greater Bay Area. For technology and for China. I only see it becoming more and more important as time goes on. Also, I love the food here. So, there’s always a chance I will come back to see Guangzhou.


Author | Alice

Editor | Jasmine, Jerry

Editor: Alice

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