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Calling for entry! Making dumplings to celebrate Winter Solstice

2020-December-3       Source: Newsgd.com

Newsgd.com (GDToday) is working with Thumb Holiday to present our subscribers another amazing dumpling making event by the Pearl River on December 19th, two days before the Winter Solstice Festival.

Newsgd.com (GDToday) is working with Thumb Holiday to present our subscribers another amazing dumpling making event by the Pearl River on December 19th, two days before the Winter Solstice Festival. Come to make dumplings, enjoy buffet high tea and the Pearl River scenery to celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival in Guangzhou.

?(Photo: VCG)

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Winter Solstice (Pinyin: Dongzhi, Chinese: 冬至), the 22nd solar term of the year, begins this year on December 21st and ends on January 4th.

On the first day of Winter Solstice, the Northern Hemisphere experiences the shortest day and the longest night in the year, as the sun shines directly at the Tropic of Capricorn. From then on, the days become longer and the nights become shorter. The Winter Solstice also marks the arrival of the coldest season in the year.

For people in China, especially in North China, eating dumplings is an essential part of celebrating the Winter Solstice Festival. Why? It is said that people eat dumplings on the festival to protect their ears from frostbite.

Do you want to know more about the Winter Solstice traditions and stories? Come and join us to find out on Saturday, December 19th at the Oikwan Bistro revolving restaurant.

Oikwan Bistro revolving restaurant (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

GDToday and Thumb Holiday's fan activity: dumpling making experience by the Pearl River

Time: 14:00-17:00, Saturday, December 19th, 2020

Number of people: 30

Venue: Oikwan Bistro revolving restaurant (杏荟爱群旋转餐厅)

Add.: 17F, No. 113 Yanjiang Xi Road, Guangzhou (广州市沿江西路113号17楼)

Nearest bus stop: Aiqun Dasha station (爱群大厦站)

Nearest metro station: Yide Lu (一德路), Line 6 (use Exit A)

Students from Clyde Quay School make Chinese dumplings at the school in Wellington, New Zealand, Sept. 25, 2020. (Photo by Zhang Jianyong/Xinhua)


13: 50-14:20 Register at the Oikwan Bistro revolving restaurant;

14: 20-15:00 Guide explains the traditions of Winter Solstice Festival and making dumplings, chef demonstrates how to make dumplings;

15:00-16:00 Make dumplings in groups under the guidance of professional chef;

16: 00-16:20 Enjoy coffee/tea break, waiting for dumplings to be served;

16: 20-16:50 Eat your hand-made dumplings;

16:50-17:00 Take group photo at the end of the event.

Services included:

1. Chinese dumpling making experience

2. Eating Chinese dumplings (about 10 for each person)

3. Coffee/tea break

4. English speaking guide service

Services not included: Transportation to Oikwan Bistro revolving restaurant

Fee: 69 RMB per person (Same fee applies to both children and adults)

Fillings for dumplings: chicken, vegetables (no pork)

(Photo: VCG)

How to sign up:

1. Scan this QR code to fill out the application form and submit it. Deadline for application: December 16th.

2. After successful submission, you will receive an email with the payment code. Please remember to check your email timely.

3. Scan the payment code to pay the fee with WeChat Pay, and the deadline for payment will be December 17th. Then you will receive another confirmation email, that means you have signed up for the event successfully.


1. Please do not repeat your submission, and if you do need to change your information and submit again, please make sure you leave a message via "other request".

2. Please wear a mask on your way to the hotel, prepare your Suikang or Yuekang code for checking and have your temperature checked upon arrival at the hotel.

Author | Monica

Editor | Jerry

Editor: Monica Liu

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