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Festival to screen 20 domestic and overseas documentary films in Guangdong

2020-December-11       Source: Newsgd.com

The Golden Kapok Screening, a main event of the 2020 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China (GZDOC) will be held in Guangdong between December 12th and 20th.

The Golden Kapok Screening, a main event of the 2020 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China (GZDOC) will be held in Guangdong between December 12th and 20th. The event has been successfully held on six occasions since it was established in 2014.

This year, 20 well-chosen documentary films will be screened in cinemas and other cultural spaces in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan, including Palace Cinemas (Parc Central & IGC) and Broadway Cinemas.

Posters of "Public Housing" and "City Hall" (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

To-be screened films include "Public Housing" by renowned American documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman who has a Lifetime Achievement Oscar. Frederick Wiseman’s latest documentary "City Hall" will also have its China premiere in Guangzhou during the festival. "City Hall" won the Fair Play Cinema Award - Special Mention of Venice Film Festival, leads Cahiers du Cinéma's Top 10 Films of 2020, it's also nominated for the Best Documentary of Gotham Independent Film Award.

You don't want to miss out on these great documentary films presented by talented Chinese directors, such as "Tough Out", a film about growing up by Xu Huijing, "Light Chaser" by Feng Feng, and "Daughter of the Light" by Ka Jiaxian. There will also be three all-night screenings with four different films on each night at the Cinema Zhongdu (Poly Clover) on December 12th, 18th and 20th.

Poster of "Daughter of the Light" (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

Some film screenings will be followed by talks with Chinese production teams, some by oversea guests' video messages, and some are free to the public. Follow the official WeChat account of the Golden Kapok Screening (金红棉影展) or scan the QR code below to see the schedule and buy tickets (priced between 30 to 80 RMB).

In addition to the offline screenings, another 18 excellent documentary films will be screened online via video website Youku starting from December 15th, including "War Photographer" and "Sleepless in New York" by Oscar-nominated Swiss director Christian Frei.

Posters of "War Photographer" and "Sleepless in New York" (Photo provided to Newsgd.com)

You can search the names of the films and buy tickets from the following channels: Maoyan App, Broadway Cinema App and "听见花开" mini-program.??

Film schedule


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